How to post on Instagram from your phone or computer

Have You Always Wanted to Post on Instagram? Learn How to do so Through Any Medium Now.

In today’s world, social media seems like much more than just a means of communicating or reaching out across long distance. Over time, it has grown and has successfully managed to evolve into something so much more than that.

Social media today is a necessity, rather than the simple “want” it once used to be regarded as. As interesting as this is, there is certainly a lot more to note. In today’s world, there are hundreds and hundreds of social media platforms, both free to use and paid versions.

However, a few of these social media platforms have been able to successfully distinguish themselves. These social media platforms in question have carved out a niche for themselves that they successfully dominate without any noteworthy competition.

One of such social media platforms is Instagram.

With each passing year, Instagram gains increasing popularity. In fact, it has become so widely known and acknowledged that it has backed out several of its competitors. There are quite a number of important and valuable reasons why Instagram is so widely reputed and loved in today’s world.

One of the reasons that it has such a broad and favorable acclaim all over the world is the demographic it caters to. Although the social media platform does not ban any individual wishing to sign on from doing so, the significantly larger percentage or group of persons on the social media platform currently are the teenagers and the youth.

In today’s world, more and more young people are signing on unto this platform because it has all the necessary tools and resources to serve as one of the best mediums for their self-expression.

As a purely visual and graphic based means of communication, it caters perfectly to individuals who prefer to take pictures on social media rather than type out words. Whether you’re looking for a group of individuals you can see some (or all) of your products and services to, or you’re simply looking for a friend or two you can relate to, Instagram is a great platform for you to do so.

However, (and understandably, too) you need to actually be applied to navigate the terrain of this social media platform, if you wish to use it to serve any of your needs in any capacity at all.

Broadly speaking, to be able to work or play when on this particular social media outlet, you need at least a working understanding of how to upload or post items, words, or images on the platform.

As such, you need to make yourself at least cursorily familiar with at least one, o, preferably the two most, popular ways to post on this particular platform.

You can post on the Instagram social media platform using,

  • Your internet optimized mobile phone, or
  • Your laptop or desktop personal computer

With either of the two channels listed above, you also have the option of using,

  • An internet browser to make your uploads, or
  • Take advantage of the tools and functions that the Instagram official app leaves at your disposal.

There is no mandated technique to posting or uploading on Instagram. As such, you use any means that is most convenient, acceptable or easy to access for you.

So, no matter what mobile device and personal computer you are operating, there’s a fast and convenient way for you to use the Instagram social media platform. Here’s a brief walkthrough on how you can use these channels to upload content on the Instagram platform.

Learning How to Upload on Instagram Using Your Mobile Phone

Due to the fact that you are almost always with your mobile device, learning how to easily upload any content you want unto this social media platform can really come in handy for you.

The best features of this channel of uploading content is that it is fast, convenient and almost always ready at hand for you to use.

The very first thing you need to be eligible to upload anything at all unto Instagram is an account with the platform. So, first you need to go to the Instagram platform and create an account.

Once you have supplied the few important details needed to setup an account unique to you, you’re good to go!

Next, you can go on to your device store and download the Instagram app. Next, you access your account through the app.

Once that is done, you will be brought to the main interface of the Instagram app. Now, all you need to do is locate and click on a button that looks just like the “Plus” sign.

It would have interfaced with your gallery already. You simply need to scroll through your gallery and click on the image or images (you can pick as many as 10) you want to upload to the social media platform.

Alternatively, of course, you can create and upload a new picture by accessing your camera through the app and taking a snapshot of anything it is that you want to upload.

Once all that is done, you can scroll through the ample number of filters available for your image by simply tapping the “Next” and then “Edit” button on your screen. You can also edit the picture to varying degrees here as well.

When you click on the “Next” option again, you can include things like,

  • Location,
  • Text,
  • Link directly to other platforms, or
  • Tag people or groups you’d like to see that particular post.

All that’s left to do now is click on the “Share” option and just like that, you’ve uploaded a post!

Learning How to Upload on Instagram Using Your Mac Computer

While Instagram is specifically adapted for mobile devices, with this trick, you can use it with ease on your Mac computer.

After you must have created and account and followed due process, open your “Safari”. Next, search for and find the “Preferences” function.

Once you have accessed it, click on the “Advanced” tool, this will lead you directly to where you can find the “Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar” option on your safari browser.

The final step is to open another window on the browser, locate your “Taskbar” tool and click on the “Develop” function. This opens a list of options for you, next, you click,

  • User Agent”, and then
  • Safari iOS Iphone”, in that exact order.

Through this, you are able to guide the platform into believing it is being open on an iPhone.

Here are more hints on how can you post on Instagram from Mac easily.

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