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How to hear more in the music you love

We generally listen to music during cooking, during driving a car, during work and in the gym but we don’t listen to music actively during all these works.

Our brain works in such a way that it cannot recognize the music when we are busy in some other works.

Active listening is an art and it is very beneficial for the musicians and music lovers.

What is active listening?

A good musician and a superstar singer always listen to music actively. Active music is a skill which cannot be developed by everybody but after doing some tasks and following some techniques you can learn how to listen to music actively.

Listen with Full Attention

Focus is the only thing by which you can achieve every goal of your life. By paying full attention to the music we can get our goal of active listening. It demands only 3 to4 minutes to listen to a song. Make your mind clean remove all the thoughts, just think about music and then listen.

Start with One Song

Start listening with only one song rather than listening to a full playlist. Listen to a song and listen to it repeatedly to improve your listening. After that, you will understand the concept of active listening. Listen to the song with your full potential and don’t get distracted by other thoughts.

Start with the song which you have heard before

Start listening to the song which you have heard before then listen to a song which you don’t know because this practice can make your listening skill sharp. The youngsters who want to become singers or musician should try this technique because it can enhance their musical skill.

Listen to Music of Different Genres

Try to listen to music which is not of your genre and listen to it closely because this method will stretch your ears and your brain will learn new music. This technique is very useful for the improvement of music sense.

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