Setting up macros in Lineage 2

As every great player of Lineage 2: Revolution is intimately aware, setting up macro right is actually every essentially to success in the game. In fact, in this particular MMORPG, many players would actually argue that there’s no playing the game right without setting macro properly and effectively.

Yet, this can be a very technical thing to do. This is particularly more so the case when the gamer in question is new and isn’t currently very familiar with the terrain of Lineage 2: Revolution and how everything in it operates.

So, what is macro, exactly?

To put it simply, macro can be described as a tool, ability or function that kicks in a series of different and varied actions have already been predefined or pre-established by a gamer (or user) beforehand.

Why is this even relevant?

Well, typically, you of course retain the option of executing these actions by tapping on individual keys, if that’s your style. But you have to keep in mind that this requires a level of skill, speed and precision you might not be able to maintain at all points in time. In many cases, players who don’t use macro lose PvP battles to their counterparts who use it more often than not. For this reason, it is always advisable to go macro.

To set up your macro in Lineage 2 all you have to do is locate the right function (or tab) for this. Alternatively, an easier alternative is to use the shortcut ALT + R. This opens a popup where you are given the option to ADD your new macro. You are then led through all the routine processes involved in adding the actions you would like your character in the game to execute upon command.

What’s great about this is that you even get the option of adding emotions to the mix! This on the whole further improves your gaming experience.

Once you’re done, you can use your new macro to fulfill both combat and peaceful objectives. Using a macro is more fun when you have access to the best Lineage 2 servers.

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