What You Need to Know Before Driving to Mexico

Going on a trip to Mexico is a great experience. Is a chance to see a different culture and make new memories. Except, there are a few things that you need to know about Mexico before going there.

The Required Documents

Because Mexico is another country, authorities won’t let anybody in. That’s why it is valid to have all the legal documents.

  1. The U.S.A Passport
  2. Driver’s License
  3. Car Registration Proof
  4. Vehicle Importation Permit (Temporary)
  5. Mexico Tourist Card
  6. Auto Insurance Policy

Plan Your Trip Ahead

What exciting places will you visit on your trip to Mexico? Leaving on your trip without a plan is one of the worst mistakes people can make. Make your trip as manageable as possible instead of a stressful time.

Consider the driving route to Mexico and where you are allowed to stay. Familiarize yourself with the traditions and rules of Mexico. Have all the needed supplies like safety kits and be aware of travel advisories.

Look into Mexico Auto Insurance

Depending on the car you are driving, you’ll need to purchase a Mexico tourist auto insurance policy for the trip. Contact your insurance agent about purchasing a Mexico tourist auto insurance policy if you plan to take your own car.

For those who are renting vehicles, purchase the insurance directly through your car rental agency.

Applying for TVIP Cards and FMM Cards

  • TVIP Cards: Apply for a TVIP card online 60 days before the trip. Don’t buy one any less than seven days before your trip. Show card at the border.
  • FMM Cards: You can obtain an FMM card before your trip. Or you can purchase one right at the border. All travelers will be asked to show these cards to the authorities when asked.

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