3rd Wedding Anniversary

Old or young, big or small, everyone is very likely to agree that anyone who manages to find love has found a truly special and beautiful thing. Now, when that love is able to blossom into something as wonderful as a marriage or relationship, it only becomes all the more worthy of celebration and loud applause.

Moving further, for that marriage and relationship to have successfully survived the trials and hardship of the first and second year, then there really are fewer things that deserve celebration than the 3rd year of the union!

It is for this particular reason that it is so sad and somewhat disheartening to see something as special and as unique as the 3rd year anniversary being relegated to the background by events like the fifth or tenth year anniversary. Many couples conveniently tend to forget that without crossing that 3 year benchmark, the above celebrations would be by default impossible.

The 3rd year of a number carries great symbolism and virtue. As a matter of fact, traditionally, the 3rd anniversary is represented by leather.

Why leather? Stick with us to find out!

For you to be able to fully grasp the depth and symbolism behind the use of leather as the gift item of choice for a 3rd anniversary gift, you would need a little more context into what anniversaries are and why they are celebrated the way they are today.

As a concept and tradition, anniversaries sprung into existence as a way to duly and truly appreciate the trials that many couples undergo and yet choose to stick with each other through. In many ways, you could very easily compare celebrating an anniversary to the way you would celebrate a birthday. Ultimately, this felicitation is meant to serve as the ultimate testament to your strength as a couple and your willingness to stick with each other, come what may.

Originally, an anniversary was marked at huge milestones like the 25th or 50th anniversary. However, this ideology was revised over time as couples came to fully realize and appreciate the value of celebrating each moment they are opportune to share together.

So, how exactly does the leather material gift item factor play in here exactly? For the first two years of the marriage or union, the traditional material of choice (paper and cotton), aren’t really materials that you would pick when looking at substances with high durability. As you can imagine, there aren’t many trials that the two materials mentioned above can comfortably withstand.

This where leather comes in. As the conventional material of choice for celebrating 3rd year anniversaries, this is the first real material that can withstand the forces of the elements with a relative amount of comfort and ease.

It is a truly lovely and romantic thought to know that your relationship and marriage to your other half has gotten to the point where it can handle the challenges that every union eventually faces, isn’t it?

So, if you’re looking for the perfect 3rd anniversary gift for your spouse, you are in the right place!

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