5 Dermatologist tips for winter skincare

Skin loses its natural touch in winter as it gets very itchy and dry because of the cool breeze. In winters, many people face difficulty maintaining a healthy skincare routine as it is very recurring to lose the natural glow.

To avoid the skin from getting damaged in winter, we have provided the best-recommended tips by dermatologists. By following these methods, you will be able to see a noticeable difference in your skincare pattern. These points are given below.

1. Stay warm and avoid getting direct heat

Taking hot showers and sitting in front of the heater is a common thing in winter. However, it is very damaging for the skin. Since hot water takes out the natural moisture of the skin, it becomes extra dry. To prevent this from happening, try to use warm water in the shower and avoid getting direct heat.

2. Fix the winter itch

Itchy skin in winters is the result of dryness, which can be avoided by getting enough moisture for your skin. Try to use a lot of moisturizing products such as crèmes and lotions to hydrate your skin. You can also seal skin’s natural moisture by using products such as showering oil, bath salts, etc.

3. Dress smartly

Do not expose your skin directly to the cold while you are traveling outside. Make sure that you cover most of the body parts to avoid the stiffness of the skin. Use hats, scarves, jackets, socks, etc., to protect yourself and wear breathable clothes.

4. Moisturize

Because houses are usually warm in winters because of the indoor heaters, you moisturize your skin accordingly. Use a humidifier to keep the moisture in the air and use rich products to soothe the skin.

5. Hydrate

Drink enough water to maintain the skin glow.

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