Are Chromebooks Good For College Students?

Chromebooks are touted as some of the best machines that you can own. But are they good enough for students? Do they fulfill a student’s needs? Let’s find out.

Is it ideal for a college student?

Yes! They can be ideal for college students thanks to their price and battery lifespan. While they are powerful machines, they are not suited for all types of students. Below, we look at some of the aspects you need to consider when buying a Chromebook as a college student.


As a college student, chances are, you are looking for an affordable laptop. Fortunately, you can get a Chromebook selling at $250. However, if you want a more powerful machine, you can go for the $700+ Chromebooks.

Course you are taking

You should also consider the course you are taking. Is it more tech aligned or you can go about it with a simple laptop? If your major is Business, English, or humanities, then you can seamlessly use a Chromebook without hiccups.

If you are into Arts, Computer Science, and other tech-inclined disciplines, then you’ll need to purchase a more powerful machine.

Entertainment needs

When not working on your projects, what will you be doing with your laptop? If yours is to surf, watch movies, and listen to music, then a Chromebook fits your needs.

However, if you are into design, video and photo editing, and gaming, a Chromebook might not be your thing.

So why should you buy a Chromebook?

  • Cheap: you can get a Chromebook for as little as $250.
  • Safe: since it comes with Chrome OS, you are guaranteed added safety since documents are saved in your Google Drive.
  • Battery life: a Chromebook can last for 13 hours on a single charge. This is arguably beneficial for a college student who has lots of papers and projects to work on.

Final verdict

A Chromebook is an ideal option for a college student who does not indulge in tech-intensive subjects. Also, it is cheap, safe, and its battery life is nothing but imperative.

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