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How to Use Timehop

Every second person in the world is a social media user that’s why social media has become an important part of life and we can also say that our self-satisfaction would die on the day when we stop using social media platforms and this is an undeniable reality. Here we are going to discuss Timehop which is a very unique application. It is a very user-friendly application and any person can easily use it without any complication. This application automatically shows pictures and videos of the previous years.

Where to Download the Timehop App

Pc or laptop users cannot use this application because it is only designed for smartphone and apple devices. You can download this application from.

  • Google play store
  • Apple store

Step-By-Step Instructions To use Timehop

If you have a smartphone then click on the google play store and for apple, devices click on apple store and then download and install Timehop.

After installation Signup through your Facebook account and then start exploring your new application.

There are many advanced features in this application such as customize option, share option etc.

Helpful Timehop Tips:

  • Timehop no doubt is an awe-inspiring and expensive tool but its latest version cannot be used on iPad because it is not compatible on it.
  • You can use only one account of your social media network like Instagram, Facebook etc on it, if you have multiple social accounts on it then it cannot help you.
  • If you don’t have any Facebook profile so don’t worry you can sign-up in the Timehop with your US-based mobile number. The process of signing-up in Timehop is easy through a US mobile number.
  • There are different types of filters and frames available in time hop with which you can upgrade the quality of your pictures and videos. It enhances the beauty of your pictures and videos which you can use for many purposes.

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