3 Tips For Having A Low Cost But Still Magical Wedding

Love is a truly beautiful and special thing. It has this special way of bringing out the best in both parties and helping them harness and realize their truest potentials.

This special thing becomes even more magical when it leads to the couple deciding to spend of their lives together through marriage.

A wedding ceremony is by no means a small affair. It is that one occasion when the two couples come together to take their marriage vows in front of their closest friends and family members. This I’d no trivial matter for the very simple reason that if for whatever reason, things just don’t go right during the occasion, there is absolutely no way you can call for a re-do.

This means that you have to put all of your effort and resources behind that first shot. This is why it’s all the more sad that having a wedding can be so expensive these days. In fact, the situation is so critical that a social media post by the British Broadcasting Commission (BBC) commented that, “…I would have to save 10 years for a wedding!”

Yes! It’s that bad!

But does that mean that not having your dream wedding is a foregone conclusion?


Here are some things you can do to still have that special day just how you dreamed it, even if it’s on a budget.

1. Watch Your Guest List

This is arguably one of the biggest costs of any wedding ceremony. So, limit your guest pool to only the closest friends and dearest family members.

2. Consider Renting

Rather than going all out and buying expensive decoration materials you will only use that one time, consider renting these resources. It is cheaper and more practical.

3. Location

This is another money guzzler. So, pick out unusual locations that mean something to you and your lover and have your wedding there!

Ultimately, what matters most is that you are happy through the entire event!

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